Asian Station

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Opening Hour 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day on week.

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  • PHONE. +91 98 4083 5557
  • Plot No. 4737, AA Block, 3rd Street, 2nd Floor, Anna Nagar East, Chennai - 600 040.
“Good Food. Genuine People. Great Times”

Asian Station is a new restaurant with a young mindset, since its originators are young, enterprising and vibrant. The restaurant carries their charisma in its decor and the array of Asian cuisine in offer. Each of the dishes has been selected from a never ending list of exotic Asian fare spanning South Asia and the Far East and every other Asian region inbetween. We have garnered some of the most talented culinary experts to create some of the most delicious Pan Asian delicacies using the finest and fresh ingredients, so that Asian Station leaves an indelible impression on your tongues and your mind.

Some of the most popular and finely crafted dishes grace our menu and has been put together by the most talented Chefs in the region. The menu has a mix of totally original cuisines and few exciting fusion ones that will tantalize your tastebuds. If the food makes you feel heavenly the aesthetic and colourful ambience sets the trend for a memorable dining experience.

Some of our most popular and mouth watering delicacies include Pad Thai Noodles, Prawn Tempura, Chicken Satey, Tom Yum Soup and variety of Wonton Dumplings, Wok dishes, Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki fare. The inspired dishes provide a thorough Asian experience in a friendly and fabulous environment. Come and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Asian Station is an experience beyond food, find out for yourself.

1. Heightened Quality
Whether it is the ingredients we source or the food we create the focus is on 100% quality. The Chefs work harder to keep the kitchen hygienic and working with precision. The onus is on delivering quality at every step in a time bound and fully satisfying manner.
2. Inviting Ambience
We have spend long hours in extending the right ambience for our diners. Right from the selection of modern lighting systems to unobtrusive music, we are committed to give the finest of destination for our customers to relax and rejoice in good food.
3. Never Ending Choices
What makes the whole experience at Asian Station so unique is the endless supply of authentic food. Since the Pan Asian tag gives ample scope to put the most delectable fare from each region the restaurant menu offers you never ending choices.
4. Priced to Perfection
Sharing the Asian Station sojourn with friends and family is never a hassle for it scores on all fronts be it the food, the place or the pricing. Making your restaurant visit a winner be it any occasion, giving you absolute satisfaction on everytime.


Our team is 30 strong including our young management team, the priceless Chefs, the committed support staff and customer facing members.